Frequently asked questions by librarians about LibraryTrac.

General Enquiries

Below are a few of the frequently asked questions that we receive at LibraryTrac. If you have a question that has not been answered or is listed below please contact us so that we can further answer those questions.

The Advanced Student Log allows for barcode scanning and ID capabilities with students sign in. The Basic Student Log just has first and last name inputs for students to type.

Yes! You can turn a settings option on that allows the Students Logs to sync with each other.

The Student Log is mobile friendly so you can access it on your phone or tablet. There is also a print button for quick printing if you need to take a hard copy with you.

Yes! There is a private viewing access portal that administrators and staff can view to verify student access at your library/media center.

Yes! There is an archival/management section that allows you to add/edit/delete information from the Student Log.

You have two options for teachers to access the Calendar: (a) Public Access: You can embed or provide the link for the public which is a READ ONLY view. (b) Private Access: You can provide teachers with a private link that will allow them to access the calendar and add/edit/remove their own events while seeing other teacher signups.

Yes! You can create multiple schedule versions. You are also able to create a schedule/calendar layout where you can designate what type of day it might be (A or B day) right on the Calendar.

By creating the multiple schedule versions and layout the Calendar event form will automatically know which schedule version to use on a particular day when teachers fill out the sign up form.

The Out Log is used for tracking students that leave the library but will be returning (i.e. Restroom, Guidance, Nurse, etc.).

Libraries/Media Centers that house Virtual High School students use this to know when students leave and where they are venturing.

No, you do not need this module with the Student Log for when students are leaving to go back to class or leave at the end of a period/block.

Yes! There is an archival/management section that allows you to add/edit/delete information from the Student Log.

Yes! We have schools that are using the Student Log and Calendar in locations such as guidance, athletic trainers and attendance offices.

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