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Revolutionizing Library Reporting & Statistics

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Reports & Statistics

Create customized reports for students, classes and calendar events. Allow for the application to auto-calculate the statistics for you to maximize your time.

Customizable & Flexible

Control what options your students and teachers see, in addition to what statistical information you want to see calculated.

Love It!

You will love its capabilities!
Your students will think it is new and cool!
Your administration will love the reports and stats you present them with!

What is LibraryTrac?

LibraryTrac is an application that allows school librarians to track all aspects of their library/media centers. Replace your paper/pencil sign in sheets with a digital sign in that does all of the compiling and analysis of your collected data.

  • Student Log: track individual students
  • Class Log: track students coming with a teacher as a class
  • Calendar: track events and staff sign-ups
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