Class Log

Track how whole classes that use your library on a daily basis.

What is the Class Log?

The Class Log allows you as the librarian to track how whole classes are using your library. If an English teacher brings X students to the library to do research, you can (a) keep track that that teacher was there, (b) the reason they came and (c) that the teacher brought X students to the library instead of having to have all X students sign in individually.

The Class Log will allow you to keep track of that kind of data and instantly return statistics based on the compiled data for you without you having to manually total things up on your own!

  • Track the teacher that brought students.

  • Track the specific reasons for coming.

  • See what periods students come during the most.

Component Details

Class Log Features

  • Kiosk Mode

    Fullscreen, kiosk mode for desktop computer, laptop, chromebook, or tablet.

  • Customizable

    Change the settings to meet YOUR needs with YOUR library/media center.

  • Reporting

    Run customized reports with statistics and student lists.

Kisok Mode




Pricing is based on per school year per account. This is an add-on component and the pricing is additional to the Student Log option that is selected.

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