Track events and allow sign ups to use the library or other maintained spaces/items.

What is the Calendar?

The Calendar allows a librarian to track the events of the library and any other space or items they are in charge of. Perhaps a librarian have a makerspace or breakerspace, or oversee the laptop carts or tablet carts; these are aspects that can be signed up for and maintained.

There is a staff access link that allows staff to sign up remotely for a space/item.

The Class Log will allow you to keep track of that kind of data and instantly return statistics based on the compiled data for you without you having to manually total things up on your own!

  • Track the reason or teacher that is signing up.

  • Create multiple calendar locations or categories.

  • Assign a location to have an approval needed.

  • Staff access link available for remote sign up.

Component Details

Calendar Features

  • Calendar Options

    Use a multitude of calendar types that meet your needs.

  • Locations/Categories

    Create your own calendar location/categories and group them for easier access.

  • Reporting

    Run customized reports with statistics and student lists.





Pricing is based on per school year per account. This is an add-on component and the pricing is additional to the Student Log option that is selected.

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