New Version Launched!

Jul 10, 2018
I've spent the last 6 months working on a complete rebuild of the LibraryTrac system. I rebuilt each component to make it feel and feel better as well as function quicker as I know some of the components has been causing a lot of issues and frustrations over the past year.

I hope you find this newer version easier to navigate and easier to use as a whole. Please be sure to check all of the access links and your settings as some things may have changed or have been depreciated.

Here is a look at some of the major components:

There is a new login URL:

I've isolated the admin console into its own section so that you can now access your console while accessing the private viewing portal and the newly created kiosk modes. Accessing these different sections will no longer log you out as they had done in the past.

Please be sure to check and update your private viewing portal links as they have changed with the new structure.

I've made the reporting in each section a little more robust allowing you to select multiple reasons and teachers to customize your reports even further. Therefore, you can select two or three related items to group them in a report.

Each component is setup similar to each other where the main navigation is smaller on the left with the component specific navigation opened up for use.

Student Log

As you can see above there are now two launch views. One opens up to the Student Log kiosk mode that students will use, while the other is an Admin kiosk mode where you can monitor the student log on your circulation computer as well as do quick mass sign-outs based on period/block.

Also a new feature with the Student Log is the Milestones option. Inside of this you can set specific milestones within the school year that you'd like to track. For example, if you'd like to know who the 10,000th individual student to sign-in was, you can set that milestone and it will show up on the Dashboard and Quick Stats of the Student Log when that milestone has been reached.

Class Log

The only major difference with the Class Log is that it now has a Class kiosk mode and a Admin Kiosk mode for monitoring and manual input of information.

There are some new fields available as well.

Out Log

The Out Log has a Student kiosk mode as well as a Admin Kiosk mode for monitoring and manual input of information.

A major change with this component is the ability to use First/Last names or utilize and ID field (if you subscribe to the Advanced Student Log).

There is now a custom field option as well.


This module has had the biggest change of all of the components.

For starters, there are now options for which type of calendar renderings you would like to use and can turn the ones you don't which to use off.

Calendar options are as follows: Basic, Agenda, List, Daily and At-A-Glance. Each calendar will render the appropriate data but renders them in unique ways to meet your needs.  I have provided more settings with certain calendars to provide more flexibility for you.

Repeating events now works much different than in the past and I hope this will alleviate some of the issues that came up during the past year. A calendar will now open up as a modal (see below) where it allows someone to select which days they wish to repeat on and it will show which days are already restricted from being selected.

If you have setup you Layout and Layout Options with your schedule versions the dates in the calendar will know which days should be restricted for repeating based on the initial date of the event.


I am launching some new components as well with the version upgrade! 
  • Collaborate
  • Clicks
  • Pass
  • Brackets

I will be posting about each of these new components separately, but are available inside of the demo account now for viewing.

I hope the upgrade of the LibraryTrac system will help improve your productivity as well as statistics for years to come. I wanted to quickly provide you with some insight as to some major updates but please make sure to click around and check your settings/access links. Please feel free to use the live demo to check out components that you aren't already subscribing to.

Please let me know what you think of the updates and if you have suggestions or come across some issues please don't hesitate to contact me!