New Component: Pass

Jul 14, 2018

Pass is a new component that allows students sign-up ahead of time to use the library. This component is to be used in conjunction with the Student Log. 


As the librarian you are able to designate the number of passes per period/block that you wish to accept. Perhaps you want 50 openings in 1st period/block but only want 40 in 2nd period/block for a particular reason, you can set those limits under each Daily Schedule version.

You are provided with a Bookmark URL that you could have open on a device where students can sign-up or if you wish to allow remote sign-ups you can utilize the QR Code that is provided under the Settings > Bookmark section.


Students will see each period/block with the number of open slots available. If a slot has been filled it will be labeled as FILLED on the student kiosk view.

Upon selecting the SIGN UP button for a particular period/block a modal window will open up allowing the student to enter their information.


As the librarian you have ultimate control over who has signed up. You can view who has signed up for the period/block. You will be provided with the student's name, teacher coming from and the time they sign-up at. You will have the ability to revoke a student that has signed up in the event that a particular student is not allowed or some other reason exists.


The Pass component will show in the staff viewing portal so that teachers can confirm that a student (or students) has actually signed up to go to the library during a particular period. Staff will see what the librarian sees without the revoke option.

If you are interested in utilizing the Pass component and/or have suggestions and feedback please let us know!