New Component: Collaborate

Jul 13, 2018

Collaborate is a new component that LibraryTrac just launched. It is a way for a librarian to communicate with staff regarding topics/units that are being taught within the school year which will allow for the librarian to be better prepared when students access the library as well as provide resources to the staff themselves. 

Staff will access the Collaborate component via the private access view just like they would access the Student Log or Calendar components. 


As a librarian you are able to create Groups and Subjects. Groups would consist of grade levels, departments, specialty areas or other custom groups/people you wish to collaborate with. For example if you were in an elementary school you could setup groups such as 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, Gifted, etc. If you were in a middle or high school you could setup groups such as Math Department, History Department, or by specific teachers that wish to collaborate outside of the department.

Each group can have a specific subject as well. That way if a 1st Grade teacher is working on a math concept such as Pattern Recognition they could create a topic/unit designating which dates they will be working on that topic. Subjects are color coded to make it visually easier to partition. 


Topics/Units allow a staff group or member to designate their specific group, subject, start and end dates for the topic/unit, and create a title and description of what the topic/unit is about. The description section will allow a group/member to go into depth on what will be taught allowing the librarian to assess what materials they may or may not have to assist the group/member during that timeframe. Furthermore, additional fields are provided for Standards, Requested Resources (such as DVDs, magazines, reference materials, etc.) and a "How else can I help you in the library?" question.

Upon submitting the topic/unit the librarian will receive a notification that a staff group/member has submitted which will allow them to respond with the following information after assessing and conducting a search of their library materials: Resources Available and Lessons I may be able to teach. Once the librarian completes the information below and hits save the staff member that submitted the initial topic/unit will receive a notification that the librarian has responded.

If you are interested in utilizing the Collaborate component and/or have suggestions and feedback please let us know!