New Component: Clicks

Jul 16, 2018

Clicks is a new component that will help you track specific links you wish students to use from a computer/laptop. While this component may be tailored more to the elementary library, it could be used at all levels.


A bookmark link is provided so that you can designate your browser homepage to automatically load the Clicks view. This will provide students with easy to click buttons that will load the page they wish to visit in a new tab of the browser. Upon clicking the button it will be tracked under your account accumulating all of the clicks so that you will be able to run custom reports.


Background colors and font colors are customizable to meet your wants/needs. Perhaps you want to make the colors based on your school colors you are able to do so.


Create as many links as you wish to have students use and customize it as you wish - title, background color, font color, and image you wish students to see.


You have to ability to run custom reports to see which links are being used the most over a particular period.

If you are interested in utilizing the Clicks component and/or have suggestions and feedback please let us know!