Track individual students that enter and exit your library/media center. Keep track of the times for entering and exiting, which teacher the student came from, what reason they are coming to use the library/media center and much more.

Video Overview


There are two versions of the Student Log that are offered: Basic and Advanced.

  • Basic: First and last name input fields come standard with the Basic Student Log.
  • Advanced: Allows for the use of Barcode scanning/ID entry instead of students typing in their name information.

The Student Log can easily be viewed by teachers, administrators, attendance and school resource officers if needed by accessing a private viewing portal.

Student View:

Student View

Admin View:

Student View - Admin


The Student Log is flexible to meet the needs of the librarian/media specialist and allows for customized settings such as the following:

  • Multiple Computers: Sync the student log with multiple computers
  • Private Viewing Access: Send a private URL link to teachers/administrators in your school so they can check whether or not a student signed in/signed out in at the library. This is a password protected link with a password that you create.
  • Reasons: Have students select why they are using the the library/media center.
  • Teachers: Have students select which teacher they came from.
  • Custom Field: Create your own custom field that allows you to track specific information pertaining to your library.
  • QR Code Login: Post a QR Code that students can scan and sign in on their mobile devices to help reduce the long lines at the kiosk.
  • Limit Restriction: Limit the number of students that can sign in at one time.

Archive Retreival

The ability to load logs back in time and update, edit, add, and delete information allows the librarian/media specialist ultimate control over the logs.


Customized reporting allows the librarian/media specialist the ability to run reports for any time period (daily, weekly, monthly) with specific filters enabled (specific teacher, specific reason, particular period). Reports create graphical and tabular representations of the data.

Student Reporting


Basic: $175 per account/school year

Advanced: $275 per account/school year