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What is LibraryTrac all about?

LibraryTrac is an application that allows libraries/media centers to keep track of their daily users and why those users are coming to use the library. The application allows librarians to designate reasons for using the library, as well as document what teacher students are coming from.

It allows librarians to collect and analyze logged in user statistics. A librarian can view the amount of users over a period of time, in addition to particular days. If reasons for using the library are created, statistics will be generated to show how many users were in the library for those reasons during a a time period. Furthermore, librarians can create scheduled time frames to keep statistical data for by setting up pre-determined start and end times.


High Schools
Middle schools
Elementary Schools

User Guide

  • User Guide - Documentation and insight into the LibraryTrac application


  • Internet connection - hardwired or wireless
  • Modern web browser, such as Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer (10+)
  • JavaScript enabled within the browser

Student Log

The student log is a way for a librarian to track students coming to and from the library, including teacher and reason. Fields are completely customizable and flexible to meet the needs of the librarian.

Basic vs Advanced:
Basic subscription gives you a standard first and last name input by default, while the advanced subscription allows for first/last name but also has the capabilities of utilizing a barcode/ID field.

Multiple Computers:
You can sync the student log with multiple computers.

Private viewing access:
Send a private URL link to teachers/administrators in your school so they can check whether or not a student signed in/signed out in at the library. This is a password protected link with a password that you create.

The archive section allows a librarian to look back to specific days to see when someone had been logged in, when someone has logged out, and the amount of time someone was there within a day. This view also allows for a librarian to updated all information.

Mass Sign-out: If there have been times when students leave in the masses or a teacher brings their class to the library and there is no time to log them all out via the log, a librarian can now log a mass of students out through the Archive tab. By selecting the students to be signed-out and then clicking the sign-out button, all the selected students will be given that time as being logged out. This will allow a librarian to maintain their records and keep them up-to-date throughout a day.

The ability to create custom reports! Build reports on specific criteria you might be looking for. You may be required to hand in detailed reports to your administrator; this feature should help aid you in collecting the necessary data without you having to manual work and counting. Select the information you wish your report to contain, press the create button and let it run.

Within a report you have the option of outputting the table of students and showing specific types of graphs (date range, reasons, and schedule) that you would like to see or have documented.

Class Log

An internal system that allows librarians to track whole classes that come to the library, separate from individual students. Track quantity, times and reasons why teachers are coming to use the library.

This module has the capability to be synced with the calendar module.
A reporting system comes with the class log module, similar to the student log reporting system.


A calendar system that allows you to track your events, including when the library is closed for certain reasons. There is a private viewing hyperlink that can be shared with teachers so that they can view the library calendar, as well as sign themselves up to use the library. Additionally, you can create custom categories/locations for your calendar. For example, if you have a computer lab that teachers wish to sign up to use you can create a category called "Computer Lab", then they can use the private viewing hyperlink to sign up externally for the use.

This module has the capability to be synced to the class log module so that specific category events can be automatically pushed to the class log.

A reporting system comes with the calendar module, allowing for the opportunity to run reports based on a specific time frame and by category/locaiton.

Privacy Policy

LibraryTrac does not and will not use student names or account information for anything other than the application itself. This data is not sold or forwarded to any third party companies. The intent of this information is strictly for the use of the application to provide access to and for statistical information for the users intended.Account information such as school address and contact information is used solely for contact with the user of the account as well as for billing purposes.

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